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 Hydraulic Upenders
USHA manufactures Hydraulic Upenders up to 20 Tons.
These can be used as free standing Upenders or mounted on scissors lift.

Single Scissors Cum Upender (250 kgs)  
Specially designed & built Hydraulic Upender for tilting mandrels with coils & help remove coils from mandrel. Empty mandrel / former in returned back to horizontal position. A hydraulically operated door at one end facilitates this.

5 Ton Upender
1 Ton Upender

Key Benefits
  • Improves Productivity
  • Reduces worker error
  • Results in manufacturing consistency
  • Eliminates downtime
  • Faster & smoother generation
  • These are used in Transformer core tilting during core building process, pallet or coil upending & positioning during assembly.
Capacity (kgs) Platform Size

Height of Vertical Edge (mm) Min (Lowered) Height
300 1050 X 600 150 265 
1000 1200 X 1200 300 330
5000 1200 X 1500 600 665
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