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Mainly used for stationary applications. The scissors arms are made out of either M.S. flat sections depending on load to be handled and length of platform.

A very special Cylinder mounting Cylinder mounting Design ensures smooth and trouble free operation. In some cases where low heights or wider platforms are required the cylinders may have to be mounted on one side, operating through chains.

  Single Scissors

  Scissor type dock leveler are used when conventional dock leveler   become too long to give the required gradient i.e. the level difference   between floor level (dock) & lorry is > 450 mm approximately. In   case of pallet trucks & Powered stackers the gradient has to be   minimum to avoid interference of stackers legs since ground   clearance is less in these equipments

  Usha has a reputation for manufacturing high-quality dependable   and sturdy scuissor tables to International Standards. Single   scissors are used for small and medium lngth of platform, while   Twin Scissors mechanism is used for extra-long platform sizes of   4.5 to 20m

Tandem Scissors

pallet unloader
Pallet Unloader

3.5 ton Lift table withConveyor for Maruti, Suzuki
Mounted in deep pit for unloading 3 high pallet stacks.

Key Benefits
  • The advantage of using scissors tables is that access to all four sides and top is available unlike in equipments like Stackers, Fork lifts or overhead cranes.
  • It can handle any weight that is 50 kg to 50000 kg.
  • Scissors Tables are very easy to operate and can be controlled by a single operator. The operation being quite accurate these platforms can be used as a part of a sophisticated process control system or as individual handling equipment.
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3 Ton Scissor Table
with stainless steel platform & coated fabric bellows.
Compact panel + Imported power pack enclosure
as one unit.
3 ton scissors with powered roller conveyor for Dupont.

Double Scissors

Type : Double Scissors (Mobile)

Capacity : 350 kgs

Max Platform Height (mm) : 2700 mm

Min Platform Height (mm) : 685 mm

Platform Size : 2030 X 500 mm

Operation : Power 415 V AC

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Model Capacity
Size (mm)
Travel (mm)
B = C - A
Min (Lowered)
height (mm)
Max height
  600 825 X 600 600 500 1100
  1500 2000 X 1400 1700 800 2500
MOBILE 350 2030 X 500 2015 685 2700
  2000 2040 X 780 2500 600 3100

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