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Truck Loading System         

Extra wide 7 ton loading platform
Container loading / unloading using    7 ton Truck loading platform Hydraulic Scissor table                        Tandem design for use with with dock plate & hand pallet truck.            Fork lift at Hero Honda.                                                             Platform size 5m X 2.5m

This system consists of a stationary scissors platform either pit mounted or kept on the floor with a small ramp. This is placed in the area where the truck will be parked for loading.

Pallet truck / Stackers / Fork trucks are used to bring material to the scissor table which lifts up & facilitates movement of above equipments into trucks for loading / unloading. Simple manual trollies can be used for non palletized loads.

Type Model Capacity (Kgs) Platform Size
(Length x Width) mm
Max Height
Single TL-10/18 1000 2200 x 2100 1200 1800
TL-20/22 2000 3000 x 2000 1800 2258
TL-25/16 2500 2500 x 2200 1250 1600
TL-30/22 3000 2850 x 2000 1750 2250
TL-60/15 6000 2200 x 1600 1085 1585
Twin TW-30/21 3000 3250 x 2000 1660 2135
TW-50/10 5000 3480 x 3000 500 1000
TW-70/17 7000 2700 x 2400 1260 1710
  TD-15/20 1500 1500 x 1000 1585 2000

 Twin Scissors
Size (mm)
Travel (mm)
B = C - A
Min (Lowered)
Max height
3000 3250 X 2000   450/475 2135
7000 2700 X 2400 1150 500 1650

These are used for loading containers/rtucks either alone or in combination with Pallet Trucks, Stackers or Fork Lifts depending on Load and frequency of use.


          USHA had introduced a very special design of Low           Height Hydraulic Lift Table. This equipment find           application in various fields like :- Transferring of pallet           from pallet truck to a height of 1200 mm. Lifting of           components by lift table from ground level where pit is           not possible

          Tempo loading / unloading operations, lift for           Handicapped person etc. The standard model has a           capacity of 1 ton, open height 1200 mm platform size           1600 X 1100 mm. Lifting is by 415 V AC Hydraulic           power pack (Indian or Imported). Controls are by push           Button pendant for Up / Down movements.

2 ton Scissor with Hinge Dock Plate and Stationary stand for Automatic Dock plate operation

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